It is at the core of the Materia Designs' ethos to work predominantly with natural materials that age and develop a patina over time. Our sample swatches are meant to indicate general character and color, however the specific materials we ship will have unique characteristics.

    Our Northeastern American hardwoods have unique grain patterns and color variations due to a number of factors such as geography and climate. Every tree is unique, and therefore each piece of our furniture will be slightly unique.  Our vegetable tanned leather is left raw, which can "sun-tan" as well as absorb oils from fingers and other contact. Our brass finishes are all considered "living" and will darken and patina over time. The Un-lacquered Brass is hand polished and then left raw, while the Aged Brass, Aged Silver and Blackened Brass are all hand finished with wax. The stone we use, although sealed with a high quality matte top coat, is a natural, mutable material similar to wood, where each slab is different, and will express different veining and colorations. It is also important to note that the same concerns are present for stone used in furniture as they are for kitchen or bath usage; stone is a material that is relatively soft, has a porous surface and can chip along the edges. Our Belgian linen is entirely without sealants, formaldehyde, or top-coats, and therefore can fade in the sun and shift shape with use. All textiles must be dry-cleaned unless otherwise noted, and Materia takes no responsibility for items cared for in a manner other than that indicated here.

     We consider all of these things an inherent part of the beauty of the materials we select, and we hope that you will too!